On Sun, Mar 21, 2004 at 10:22:54AM -0500, Chad M Stewart wrote:
> I've got my first jail up and working, installed Apache and just 
> generally poking around.  There is one area of jail management that 
> I've not found any documentation for.  How does one keep it up to date? 
>   Keeping things from ports updated is straight forward, the same as 
> any real host.  I'm wondering about things that were placed there by 
> the 'make installworld DESTDIR=<path-to-jail>'.  How are those things 
> kept up to date?  Later down the road when I update the host system to 
> the latest -stable branch, how would my jails be affected?  upgraded?

If it's a fat jail (as described in the jail(8) man page, then you can
keep it up to date by doing:

    # make installworld DESTDIR=/path/to/jail

then log into the jail, and run 'mergemaster'.  You should incorporate
these stages into whatever your routine is for doing system upgrades,
so you keep jail and host system updated in synch.



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