Ist problem

i hav created my own node named "m" .and using

kldload netgraph
kldload ng_ether
kldload ng_m

i also create an ether node and then i attach my "m"
node to ether node using 

ngctl mkpeer ed0: m upper right

 after that on command ::-->

ngctl msg my_m: getstats  ( my_m is name of peer to
ether i.e my node )

result is as foolows ::-->

Rec'd response "getstats" (1) from "my_m:":
Args:  { right={inOctets=3508 inFrames=54 }
left={outOctets=3508 outFrames=54 } }

Does that mean my node is working... YES or  NO?
If yes , is every packet coming through ethernet card
pass through my node.
If no, how do I check it and made every packet pass
through my own node.

IInd problem

Its a silly problem , i hav downloaded ethereal
packages named


How can I install ethereal on my machine using above
said packages,? do i need more packages ?

Reply as soon as possible

Manish Gautam 

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