I have a problem that I was wondering if you could help me out, I downloaded the 
freebsd from your site to install it on my sec hdd (hard drive), I'm able to boot up 
from the cd-rom, so I did so.
Long story short, I have my cd-rom on my secondary ide controller set to master with 
no slaves, My hdds are on the primary set to master and slave, will the problem is 
that when it come to install the rest of the bsd i try to install from the cd/dvd and 
it tells me that "no CDROM is found" and i have a "ATAPI CDROM" set to master on my 
sec ide controller with no slave divice, please can you help, I've looked on the site 
but nothing there that could help me that i saw.
thank you
sorry for me typing, im used chating programs

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