On Sunday, 21 March 2004 at 22:54:56 -0500, Michael W. Oliver wrote:
> On 2004-03-21T19:33:58-0600, Gary wrote:
>> Hi JJB,
>> --On Sunday, March 21, 2004 8:09 PM -0500 JJB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> So is there some MS/Outlook config option to change it to bottom
>>> post?
>> Outlook fix <http://home.in.tum.de/~jain/software/outlook-quotefix/>
>> OE fix <http://home.in.tum.de/~jain/software/oe-quotefix/>
> Thanks so much for posting these links!

Agreed, this looks excellent.

> Whether or not those who post email from sub-par MUAs like Outlook
> and OE will take heed and make use of these very useful fixes
> remains to be seen.

I'll certainly put them in my "How to live with Outlook" pages.

> What I find comical about this topic (and it never ceases to recur
> every few months) is that the clueless who post, asking for clue,
> refuse to accept pointers on something so simple as email etiquette
> from the same people they assume will provide clue on so many other
> more complex issues!

Heh.  That's human nature.  To quote:

   What is actually happening, I am afraid, is that we all tell each
   other and ourselves that software engineering techniques should be
   improved considerably, because there is a crisis.  But there are a few
   boundary conditions which apparently have to be satisfied:
       1. We may not change our thinking habits.
       2. We may not change our programming tools.
       3. We may not change our hardware.
       4. We may not change our tasks.
       5. We may not change the organizational set-up
          in which the work has to be done.
   Now under these five immutable boundary conditions, we have to try to
   improve matters. This is utterly ridiculous.
   Edsger W. Dijkstra, on receiving the ACM Turing Award in 1972

I've just added this to the FreeBSD fortunes database.

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