On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, [iso-8859-1] Tadimeti Keshav wrote:

> Hi, I installed FreeBSD on a hard disk with 2 slices.
> One is an NTFS(slice 1) and the other for FreeBSD
> (slice 2). Is it possible to view FreeBSD partitions
> within the second slice from another FreeBSD
> installation that I have?
Generally: Yes.
All you have to know is the correct device name - for example
/dev/ad0s2e , then you can mount it with
# mount /dev/ad0s2e /mnt

But there is one exception:
ufs2 partitions created with FreeBSD 5.X can't be read from
within FreeBSD 4.X (which only understands ufs).



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