The traffic stats on my freebsd stable box are way to low.

When I copy over files from one server to another then it goes with
about 6 meg/sec the box where i copy from is an linux machine and this
one says the speed is indeed around the 6 meg/sec measured with iptraf
and mrtg.

but when I look at the freebsd box the speed measured there with mrtg &
trafshow is about 250kbyte/sec while in fact the file's come in with
about 6 meg /sec (copying over big file's and every sec the size of the
file gets bigger with a few meg (ls -lh).

I'm running freebsd on a PIII866 mhz, 512 meg ram and a 3com network
card (xl0)

anyone has got an idea what this could be ?


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