>> Actually I posted this on the squirrelmail plugins list but havent had any
>> Actually I want to know what this code means(i think its the cause of
my problems):
>> >bayok# /usr/local/www/data/webmail/plugins/change_passwd/chpasswd
>> testuser
>>  mypassword 123abc
>> >ELF binary type "0" not known.
>> >Abort
>> >bayok#
>> Also i was wondering what the asterisk at the end of this line means:
>> -rwsr-x---  1 root  apache  9873 Oct 22  2002 chpasswd*
>> It says in the INSTALL
>> <quote>
>> 3) Make sure the file permissions on the chpasswd file are
>>    correct (unless you'll be using the 'pw' utility on
>>    FreeBSD).  Substitue the name of the user that your web
>>    server runs under for "apache" in the command below:
>>   $ chown root:apache chpasswd
>>   $ chmod 4750 chpasswd
>> </endquote>
>> but when i run ls -l it says
>> -rwsr-x---  1 root  apache  9873 Oct 22  2002 chpasswd
>> without the asterisk.
>> Is that the same or am I missing something?
> What do you get with:
> % file /usr/local/www/data/webmail/plugins/change_passwd/chpasswd does
it say something about Linux? If 'yes', then try:
> % kldload linux
> % sysctl kern.fallback_elf_brand=3

sorry, before i read your message i compiled the chpass.c file and
overwrote the original.  maybe you were right.  i did a #file chpasswd and
it went:
chpasswd: setuid ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1
(FreeBSD), for FreeBSD 4.8, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not

The error is gone although now i have another problem.

Now it says: Current password don't match with the password of the server.

back to looking for a solution again.. thanx for replying!


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