Hello All,
I am having hard time in installing php4  using portupgrade.
First i have updated the port directory using cvsup. I am doing fresh installation of 
php so i gave the following command.
portupgrade -NPRri mod_php4.
I noticed mysql3.23.51 got updated to mysql3.23.58_2. All the other dependencies also 
had no problem in updating. However the php installation was not successful. At the 
end of installation i got the following errors.
Command failed [exit code 1] /usr/bin/script -qa /tmp/portupgrade23698.1 make
mysql-client-3.23.58 is already installed or may be older version blah blah blah... 
you can uninstall and reinstall mysql blah blah blah ...to install correctly. If you 
really want to override without deleting use FORCE_PICG_REGISTER blah blah....
I also tried to install php after doing "make clean" in 
/usr/ports/databases/mysql323-client but it did not help me.
Any pointer would be very helpful. Thanks in advace.

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