It is driver for MySon Ethernet Nics and it is in
   :"/usr/src/sys/dev/my", compiled it into kernel, that is all.
   Note: before compiling it into kernel, under file GENERIC (or modified
   file of GENERIC) finding the division of NIC and add :
   "device               my"
   rebuild the kernel now :)

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   Gá»i tá: "Olaf Hoyer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Gá»i Äán: "GiTi" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
   Äá»ng gá»i: [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Olaf Hoyer"
   Chá Äá»: Re: problem with MySon Ethernet Nics
   Ngà y: Mon 22/03/2004 19:21
   On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, GiTi wrote:
   > Hello Olaf Hoyer and list, i want to thank you for your help. I have
   > resolved this problem. I also succeed to move server from Redhat box
   > to freeBSD too.
   well, just for the archives, what did you do?
   I looked around the driver source, for identifying the chipset, as it
   seems a realtek in disguise, but am a bit busy at work right now...

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