hihi, all -

i am running some very long programs, and it appears that time wraps around in
its counting (the 72 cpu hour program did not wrap, the 164 cpu hour program

i am running 5.1 with the GENERIC kernel, and using /bin/csh with 'time <pgm>'

        (i also tried SuSe Linux 9.0, but i had to change away from it because
        it would crash the machine after some dozens of hours - but i normally
        run FreeBSD anyway, which has not crashed even for 3 cpu week runs)

i found no hint about the maximum possible counted time in the manuals for any
of the likely candidates

i tried to figure out where the actual code for time is, but i can't quite
tell - it appears to be buried inside csh somewhere (it also appears that
there are several different possibilities for the data type used, depending on
some compile time parameters for the csh compilation)

finally, can anybody tell me what the default tick size is? or better, where i
can look to find out?

more soon,

Dr. Christopher Landauer
Aerospace Integration Science Center
The Aerospace Corporation
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