Why don't you just have mutt read mail from the imap server?

That's what I do.

Check the docs on the following configs:
set folder
set spoolfile
set imap_user
set imap_pass
set imap_home_namespace
set realname

My folder and spoolfile configs are set like this:

For nonsecure IMAP, that would be

On 03/22/04 07:15 PM, Trey Sizemore sat at the `puter and typed:
> I've got a question...is it possible to retrieve mail from an IMAP
> server (fetchmail or like) pass to procmail for filtering, then to mutt
> (leaving messages on the server)?  The trick here being if I delete in
> mutt I want to be able to have it deleted off the server.  I like what
> procmail can do, but it seems that I have to use POP3 (and thus download
> my messages locally off the server) instead of IMAP (where I can
> retreive from anywhere) to do this.
> Am I wishfully thinking here?
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> Cheers,
> Trey
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