Hi all,

I recently installed the perl-5.8.2_5 port and ran 'use.perl port' to make
that new perl the default system perl. I did several other upgrades at about the same time and since then: kernel cvsup and rebuild to 4.9-RELEASE-p4, and
weekly cvsup to update my installed ports.

It seemed after those upgrades 'mozilla related' apps because quite unstable:
specifically mozilla mail and browser, thunderbird, firefox, epiphany and
openoffice all crashing without a core file or any log message that I could
find. I tried a pkg_deinstall & portinstall of mozilla but that didn't help. Today I was doing a routine upgrade of epiphany and it failed in configure
complaining about a missing perl module. Remembering that I had recently
upgraded perl, I did a 'use.perl system' and epiphany now builds fine and the
crashing seems to have gone away.

Searching the archives for 'use.perl' I found a suggestion that after switching to use.perl port, one should reinstall programs that depend on perl. Not sure how to make such a list, but it seems excessive.

So, does it seem reasonable that switching perl could have caused/solved this problem? How 'bleeding edge' is doing a 'use.perl port'? Is it something that indeed requires a large rebuild of one's system? If so, how does one go about finding the list of things which need to be rebuilt?


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