On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, Brian H wrote:

> what is the proper way to disconnect a usb device in bsd. I have a
> lexar 128mb drive that i want to move to another computer. I know in
> windows there is a way to stop the device before removing it from the
> system. is there a command to run to do this in bsd?

The USB disk should appear as /dev/somethingorother, and normally you
would have to mount it in order to use it (unless you're running amd,
which I know nothing about). To disconnect properly, just umount it
before pulling the plug.

To get some hints about which device file to use, watch the console as
you plug in the USB connector.

Concrete example: I have a USB camera that works this way; it appears as
a small, slow disk drive. To access it, I must 0) turn on the camera; 1)
plug in the USB connector; 2) # mount -t msdos /dev/da0s1 /camera; 3)
copy my files, whatever; 4) when finished, # umount /camera; 5) pull the


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