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> hi
> SInce I am behind a modem, I downloaded my fav ports
> (source files) and copied them to
> /usr/ports/distfiles.
> Some of the makefiles in the ports target a higer
> version of the application than I have, and some the
> lower version.
> I made the changes in the makefile and adjusted the
> MD5 values in the distinfo file, but make fails in the
> patch section. Is there a way around this (i know it
> is ugly) other than downloading from the net?

What you did can not work.

cvsup for forts doesn't take much even on modem.

`make fetch` in the ports/category/name will get you the right distfile.

# fetch-recursive-list  - Show list of files that would be retrieved by
#                                 fetch-recursive.
# fetch-required-list - Show list of files that would be retrieved by
#                                 fetch-required.

would give you also the dependencies for a given port.

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