I had installed and used XF86 with kdm correctly (FreeBSD 4.9). This installation is 
now damaged, and I suspect it is because of the installation of Gimp from the ports 
collection. Although Gimp was running, after restarting the system I am unable to 
login: X is not started and I get a black screen (even unable to get a text login with 
Ctrl-Alt-F1). I have here in fact 2 questions:

1) what is the procedure recommended to recover from this situation?
reinstalll some package?... fixit mode?....

2) use of fixit mode
I have found other questions on this list about this topic.
As suggested, I used the live CD and the CDROM/DVD option and then:
mount -t ufs /mnt2/dev/ad0s1a /mnt
... but I get:
mount: /mnt2/dev/ad01sa: Operation not permitted


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