Adam Bozanich wrote:

Hi all.

I am trying to get the gaim port to work. If I build with:


everything is fine, but I can't connect to msn.  If I don't send any
arguments to make, when I run gaim, I get:

Fatal error 'Spinlock called when not threaded.' at line 83 in file
/mnt/s10/BSD/usr_src/lib/libpthread/thread/thr_spinlock.c (errno = 0)
zsh: abort      gaim

This has been happening for a couple of weeks, and I was hoping that
it would be fixed.  Now I'm wondering if my system is the problem.

Here's my kernel config. Am I missing something?

Hey Adam,

I fought with this for about three hours the other night. Go to Gaim's faq-ssl:

I used the GnuTLS tools.

libgpg-error (needed by libgcrypt):

libgcrypt (needed by GnuTLS):

libtasn1 (needed by GnuTLS):

GnuTLS (needed by gaim):

As the page says, instal them in that order. After doing so, download the latest source for Gaim .075. Unpack it and then do a "./configure --with-gnutls-includes=PREFIX (Location of GNUTLS includes.)
--with-gnutls-libs=PREFIX (Location of GNUTLS libraries.)"

eg.. Mine looked like this:

"./configure --disable-nls --disable-perl --with-gnutls-includes=/usr/local/lib/ --with-gnutls-libs=/usr/local/lib/"

I only know English so, --disable-nls and for some reason I can't get perl to compile with it so, --disable-perl.

Everything worked fine after that. Hope this helps you.


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