Zhang Weiwu wrote:

Zhang Weiwu wrote:

Hello. I'm using the dns service on a router box. This router does

provide dns service, on which every computer in the LAN has a local domain name (computername.our.lan)

Now the built in dns server's function is limited; it does not relay

type of record. Thus sending mail using sendmail always get hostname lookup failure.

1. If I change my name server address in resolv.conf to use my ISP's

server, I cannot access lan computers using local hostnames.

2. If I use our dns server, I cannot send mails through sendmail.

So what should I do? Can I ask sendmail to use ISP's dns server, while

the rest programs use local dns server? I just realized I can do this in resolve.conf: ==== # our LAN's dns server nameserver # ISP nameserver

Hope this is the best method.

But this works on my notebook but not on my desktop computer, both 5.2

dino is my desktop computer:
dino# cat /etc/resolv.conf
search realss
dino# host -t mx hotmail.com
Host not found, try again.

thinkpad is my notebook:
thinkpad# cat /etc/resolv.conf
search realss
thinkpad# host -t mx hotmail.com
hotmail.com mail is handled (pri=5) by mx4.hotmail.com
hotmail.com mail is handled (pri=5) by mx1.hotmail.com
hotmail.com mail is handled (pri=5) by mx2.hotmail.com
hotmail.com mail is handled (pri=5) by mx3.hotmail.com

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