At 13:33 23/03/2004, Mipam wrote:
>On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, Richard P. Williamson wrote:
>> At 13:13 23/03/2004, Mipam wrote:
>> >Thanks for your answer.
>> >
>> >I only dont know where to find the LINT file in the src tree.
>> >in /usr/src i tried find . -name LINT
>> >but no result. (sorry for this luser question).
>> >Bye,
>> For 4.8 and that era, if you installed the source when

>I didnt install the source when installing FreeBSD.
>I obtained 5.2.1-p3 by cvsup.

Does that get you the source?  I don't know--I don't use
cvsup, and I'm locked into 4.8 at the moment.

So I can't help further.  Others should be able to answer
the question, though.


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