Jerry McAllister wrote:

I downloaded the mini FreeBSD for this little pc i have, but im not sure what files to put on cd. Could you please give me a hand? the attached pic is what was unziped. Thank you -Chris

No attached PIC.

Yup. Maybe it was stripped automagically --- that'd actually be a Good Thing(TM), IMO.

It depends on your intent and the amount of disk space you have
- also on how fast your internet connection is.
I normally install everything including source.

Another strategy: choose "minimal" from sysinstall(8) and get it over with quickly, then:

1.  Reboot, run /stand/sysinstall again, and use it to
install the cvsup-no-gui package.

2. Cvsup your source tree.

3. Run a "make buildworld" cycle.

I haven't timed this out, but it *seems*
faster ... maybe 'cause I'm running steps
instead of just watching sysinstall download
the whole OS ....

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.
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