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> > Thanks for your answer.
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> > I only dont know where to find the LINT file in the src tree.
> > in /usr/src i tried find . -name LINT
> > but no result. (sorry for this luser question).
> I don't know if 5.xxx changes this, but /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/
> does it for 4.xxx and older.

In 5.x the LINT config file is dynamically generated from various
NOTES files -- it's the NOTES files that have all the useful comments
and stuff, whereas the LINT config generated from them has been
stripped down.

NOTES is divided into architecture dependent and architecture
independent parts -- use:

    % find /usr/src/sys -name NOTES -print

to locate what you need.  The point of splitting up NOTES in this way
is to avoid having to make the same set of edits to half a dozen or so
kernel configs whenever anything generic changes.



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