On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 01:10:13AM -0500, Steve Ireland wrote:
> This is a PS/2 thing, not an operating system thing. You really can
> fry your motherboard plugging and unplugging PS/2 devices while the
> system is powered up.
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> Steve

This is off-topic to the list, but I've been wondering about this issue
for some time; not whether a PS/2 device stops working when hotplugged,
but whether it may damage your mainboard.  I spent a while one day
searching on the web for definitive documentation stating that
unquestionably you run the risk of destroying your entire mainboard
and/or the PS/2 if you hotplug.  I couldn't find any.  As far as I know
the PS/2 devices are supplied power through the port, so I guess it
seems logical that hotplugging could be a risk, but other than
conjecture and various anecdotal evidence, I have come up blank on
the risks.

Can anyone on the list point me to a manufacturers site or documentation
that unequivocally states in clear terms the real dangers of hotplugging
a PS/2 device?  Like some of the other people who have replied, in the
past I have hot-plugged many a PS/2 device to no detriment.  However, I
now only do it if there is no other practical alternative just to be on
the safe side.

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