hihi, dan -

you werote:
> Which value wrapped?  user, system, or elapsed?

> The best I could come up with was that elapsed time might be stored in
> a long variable in milliseconds, which would wrap at 49.7 days.  User
> and system times are stored as "struct timeval"s and should never wrap.

thanx for answering so quickly - it is the user cpu time that wraps, in much
less than 49 days, apparently (elapsed time was 164 hrs and 340 hrs in the two
cases that wrapped, and the cpu percentage should have been between 90 and 95)

i did finally find struct timeval, which has a long - arithmetically, i
convinced myself that the value had to be not an unsigned one (so the wrapped
values were negative, but printed as positive), but i need to look further at
the resolution issue - i will study it further and report the results as soon
as i have something definitive (or at least useful) to say

more later,

Chris Landauer
Aerospace Integration Science Center
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