Hoping this gets thru (since I've seen bizarre IPv6 happenings
        with sendmail), I'll venture this question:  what is the 
        best g++ dbugger?  I seem to be missing my debugging tools 
        that I used circa 2000-01.  

        I'm looking for something that doesn't necessarily fit inside
        an IDE (because no IDE seems to have vi as its builtin/default
        editor); also because I'm used to having my own toolkits 
        of gcc/g++, vi, and gdb.  Simplicity.  But I'm running into
        a fork-exec/killpid error that is driving me over the edge.
        (Or atleast making me go bash my head against the wall.)  So
        it's time for some serious tools.  I would be much obliged 
        for the top few c/g++ debugging tools.  GUI or non.

        thankee el-muchly,


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