chris wrote:

Openssh is part of the base system so you wont see it via pkg_info.

Ok, thanks. So where in the base system do I find what version of OpenSSH that is being used?

So, if I understand this right... That means that if OpenSSH really needs upgrading, then I would need to upgrade the base system? Would this entail upgrading the kernel?

If you are looking to upgrade to a version other than what is in the base system look at

Thanks for the tip, but I'm not interested in upgrading to a version that is not in the base system.

Once you are familiar with ports take a look in /usr/ports/security for a more recent release. As far as security updates go take a look at for a list of security advisories and details about patching them.

Ok, I see the OpenSSH advisory (FreeBSD-SA-04:05.openssl), why isn't this advisory on the 4.9 errata's "late breaking news" or for that matter, why isn't this advisory found on this page (anywhere)?

On 03/22/04 22:23:25, Miguel wrote:


I have several RH-9 servers that I'd like to migrate to FreeBSD 4.9 latter this year. So I put up a test 4.9 server to get fully acquainted before heading off to a new universe [grin].

My Question: I read a CERT notification about the OpenSSH vulnerability (just a few days ago) so if needed, I'd like to apply an upgraded OpenSSH to the FreeBSD server. But when I went to the's errata page (, I didn't see a reporting of the OpenSSH vulnerability.

Is FreeBSD's OpenSSH not vulnerable then? (I guess not??)

However... where is OpenSSH?

After running cvsup and "make index && make readmes", I ran "pkg_version -v". The output showed that all of my installed programs were up to date with the ports (am I reading this right?).

I ran "pkg_info" and there was no OpenSSH, only "OpenSSH-askpass".

[BTW, here is my supfile]
*default base=/usr
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_4_9
*default delete use-rel-suffix

On my Redhat boxes I just run "apt-get" and the patched OpenSSH packages are right there.

I'm fairly new at FreeBSD so please forgive my stumblings about :)

Thank you,


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