Im runing djbdns on some boxes here at home. I haveing two major problems,
The first one is that for some reason the DNS server won't answer queryies.
Even thought that I have setup it right (to my knowlage), 
I might explain how many machines, I have.

On thing that I should metion is that my domain is birch.se, and Its only an
internal domain name.

I have my router computer, its "". Then I have another one  
"". And My workstation that is "".

thrawn.birch.se is .10.201, .10.10 is setiathome.birch.se and the last one is

It works fine on .10.201 & .10.1. But for some reason it stopped working. And
I desided to tar down the directories in /var, and send it to .10.10.

The directories are "/var/{tinydns,dnscache,dnscachex}". I tared down the 
directories and send them to .10.10.

The only thing that I changed was the ip address in "/var/dnscachex/env/IP",
from "" to "". To get the correct IP address to listenoon 

The directories on /var/dns*/root/ip/,
have the to following files, and 192.168.10 and it works fine on the
two other boxes. The directory /var/dns*/root/servers/ have three files.
The names for them are 10.168.192.in-addr.arpa,@ and birch.se, the first and 
the last file have as enteries. The @-file have some IP addresses.

When I start them with svc -u /var/service/* it starts fine. Running in the bg.
I can also se them with "netstat -nl -f inet -t {tcp,udp}" But nothing happens,
if i try to telnet to using port 53. nslookup, dnsip
and dnsname can't resolv internal dns names/IPs.

I don't se any reason why I don't can copy the directoryies from one box to
another box. And then simply change the IP address.

The other problem is that when i share my data.old file, located in: 
/var/tinydns/root/data. Clients using axfr-get, can fetch the file fine. axfrdns
is running on port 5300 btw. The I run make in /var/tinydns/root on the slave,
boxes. It works fine but then after restaring djbdns. Then I get the smilar
problem that I have above, It can resolv external domains and hosts, but not 
internals like 192.168.x.y and dasboot.birch.se using dnsname/dnsip/nslookup.

This is how good I can describe my problem. I have google alot and not found
anything that hade help me there. I have also runned some step by step guides.
The problem where that I did not get it to work with www.djbdnsrock.org, even
thought I did it more the one time. (First i tryied to start from scratch, but
it in the end I was forced to copy the setup from setiathome to thrawn to get
it up and running) My dns db-file does not look the same after transfering it
via axfr-get. I might have something to do with it. Because when i copy it by
my self via scp, it works...

I have checked host.conf and there dns stands before host(s). I have search in
my /etc/resolv.conf file also. I have attatched the db-file.



#MX records




#DNS servers



#DNS root servers:

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