I've run into problems (most often with p5-* ports) with stale
dependencies.  I don't know how to solve them other than deleting
them, which I know is the wrong way to do it.

Currently, I have 2 things I'm not sure how to handle:

   % sudo pkgdb -F
   --->  Checking the package registry database
   Stale origin: 'net/isc-dhcp3': perhaps moved or obsoleted.
   -> The port 'net/isc-dhcp3' was removed on 2004-01-18 because:
           "Split in four partial slave ports"
   -> Hint: isc-dhcp3-3.0.1.r12 is not required by any other
   -> Hint: checking for overwritten files...
    -> No files installed by isc-dhcp3-3.0.1.r12 have been
   overwritten by other packages.
   Deinstall isc-dhcp3-3.0.1.r12 ? [no] <enter>

OK, so net/isc-dhcp3 went away in favor of -server, -client, etc...
How do I proceed though? Do I just answer no to that question and ignore it whenever it comes up until the end of time? Should I deinstall my net/isc-dhcp3 port and reinstall it with the "new way"?
(the new port layout)

   Stale dependency: pear-DB-1.6.1,1 -> pear-PEAR-1.2.1_1
   pear-Net_Socket-1.0.1_2 (score:27%) ? ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll) [no]
   New dependency? (? to help): devel/pear-P<tab>

I'm not sure why pear-DB can't find its pear-PEAR dependency in the first place...devel/pear-PEAR still exists in my ports tree. Then I try to name devel/pear-PEAR explicitly (with or without the devel/ prefix, doesn't matter) but that's not found either. Perhaps this is a problem caused by my overzealous deleting of dependencies previously?

I'm willing to scrape everything and reinstall, since my ports system is probably very screwed up by now, but I want to learn what the RIGHT way to do things is first so I don't find myself in the same situation 6 months down the road...

Thanks for your help,
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