I just upgraded my sources to 5.2.1 using cvsup. This has fetched all the new files, which I have compiled, and installed successfully. uname -a reveals the following:


However, I just got a new Linksys wifi card (see subject), and need to enable the ath driver (and ath_hal it seems) in the kernel config, but there is no option located there. I have removed and resynced (using cvsup) my GENERIC config, but cannot find these devices. What gives? Also, a man ath produces a helpful manpage, making me believe that the driver is in fact present on my system (but not compiled). I have added devices such as the following, and am currently compiling a new kernel, can you please confirm if this is the correct action or not, and clear up why the options are not in the default generic config?

device          ath     # Atheros Driver.
device          ath_hal # Atheros Hardware Layer.

I also enabled wlan of course.

Thank you for your help.
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