Nathan Kinkade wrote:
On Mon, Mar 22, 2004 at 10:57:57PM -0800, chip wrote:

How do I get the special characters to work, which work in MS
Windoze using the conbination of right-alt+4digit code? I need to
be able to use certain accents and characters found in spanish
writing. I am using FBSD-5.1 with XFCE window manager.

There is more than one way to get diacritic marks working in X.  For my
part, since I generally only need a few marks (like you Spanish ones) I
used xmodmap.  I put a file in my home directory called .xmodmaprc and
then in my .xinitrc (or .xsession if you use xdm and friends) I added
the line:

xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc

My .xmodmaprc file contains the following:

clear mod4
keycode 115 = Mode_switch
keycode 10 = 1 exclam exclamdown
keycode 26 = e E eacute Eacute
keycode 31 = i I iacute Iacute
keycode 32 = o O oacute Oacute
keycode 38 = a A aacute Aacute
keycode 57 = n N ntilde Ntilde
keycode 61 = slash question questiondown

This allows me to make use of the otherwise useless "windows" keys on my
keyboard.  On my systems keycode 115 is the left "windows" key (referred
to as keysym Super_L in X).  So, if I press Super_L-e I get ``?'' and so
on and so forth.


Thanks Nathan,
I have a brand new 104key keyboard, ran xkeycaps to verify the keycodes, and should be able to use your exact .xmodmaprc. The keycodes all match yours. I created the file and added the other line to .xinitrc (the end of the file, don't know if that matters), and restarted X, but I don't get any of the special keys. When I press the Super-L key I get the normal small case letter. I even tried an older 101key keyboard, same results. I also ran xmodmap and it shows
mod 4 Super_L (Ox73), Super_R (Ox74)
I am running XFree86-4.3.0. The XFree86 log shows the correct keyboard info, and the line
Keyboard: CustomKeycode disabled
Could that have something to do with this not working?
Any ideas why this may not be working for me?

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