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>       Wayne K9DI & Leader Dog Patriot here.  I am writing to ask for some help.  
> I was reading a procmail quickstart guide (by Nancy McGough) and I got to the part 
> about the .forward file.  The guide stated that most modern systems don't use 
> .forward so my question is do I need a .forward file on system running FreeBSD 
> 5.2?  

It depends on how you configure your mail system.  If you use what is
provided by default -- sendmail(8) as the MTA, mail.local(1) as the
MDA, then running procmail(1) via a .forward file should just work.

However, most people wishing to use procmail will set it up as the
standard mail delivery agent -- for sendmail, all you need to do is


to your `hostname`.mc file and build and install a sendmail
configuration from that.  If you do that, then all of the mail
delivered on your system will be processed by procmail automatically,
and all you need is a ~/.procmailrc file containing your procmail
recipes (procmail will just deliver to the default mailbox if there
isn't a ~/.procmailrc).

There are usually similar ways of making procmail the default delivery
agent for other MTAs -- there's plenty of HOWTOs and other information
available if you search the net.



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