I'm trying to do a methodical install (for once).  4.9 from a mini CD.
1st thing, when we get to kernel config  menu, visual mode,
no network devices show up active.  In the inactive drivers section
i see a little list of only six.

question 1:  this is hardly a comprehensive list, is it?
there's no explanation in the handbook why it is so short.

needless to say, my NIC is not included
(as i suppose are many others not included)

in hardware notes, i see my device, a 3c905B, requires xl(4) driver.
the closest of the six i can choose from is a line that says:
NE1000, NE2000,3C503,WE/SMC80xx Ethernet adapters

3C503 requires ed(4) driver

question 2: what do i do now?


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