* lee slaughter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-03-24 08:50]:
> I'm trying to do a methodical install (for once).  4.9 from a mini CD.
> 1st thing, when we get to kernel config  menu, visual mode,
> no network devices show up active.  In the inactive drivers section
> i see a little list of only six.
> question 1:  this is hardly a comprehensive list, is it?
> there's no explanation in the handbook why it is so short.
> 3C503 requires ed(4) driver
> question 2:  what do i do now?

Just continue with the install, and your NIC should work just fine
when it comes time to configure it, which will be either

a) before you try to fetch any distributions over the net, or
b) after the system is installed, during post-install configuration.



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