Vasil Dimov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Oh, yes, ofcourse I love `dd' but Ron was asking about *filesystem*

You didn't read his message as closely as you should have.  He said:

   I have set up a primary partition with ext2 filesystem to act as a
   single data partition accessable from all OSs.

Notice the "to act as a single data partition" part.  I thought it
reasonable to tell him alternative ways to implement a shared data
partition, since I had little hope that he would find a good, reliable
file system, including FAT32.  If I'm wrong, great, but I'd suggest
that people test their little-used filesystem code with diffs and
checksums and etc., before relying on it.

I'm sorry that I mis-addressed my last message to you; I quoted only
the OP ("any thoughts?") and my thoughts did not include any intent to
disparage your knowledge of "dd", etc.
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