Peter Risdon wrote:

lee slaughter wrote:

I'm trying to do a methodical install (for once).  4.9 from a mini CD.
1st thing, when we get to kernel config  menu, visual mode,
no network devices show up active.  In the inactive drivers section
i see a little list of only six.

question 1:  this is hardly a comprehensive list, is it?
there's no explanation in the handbook why it is so short.

I haven't seen this documented either, but reckon these are just the drivers that might need to have resources set explicitly to avoid conflicts. Since that means they're all ISA cards, you can generally just delete them all to remove all conflicts. But see below:

I suppose it might be clear from inference and maybe I should have thought of it. But a clarifying note in the handbook would help.


Just carry on. The drivers for PCI-only cards (like yours) don't need to be listed here because resources conflicts don't occur as they used to with mis-configured ISA setups. This section isn't listing _all_ available drivers, just those (for ISA cards) that might have conflicts and/or need arguments to match resource (irq, base address) settings.

Just something to this effect in the handbook.

again, thanks all.

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