I'm trying to set up some traffic shaping using IPFW2 and DUMMYNET.  I
also use natd and I'm a little stumped as to where to put my pipes so
that they will work as I expect.

ipfw add pipe 1 all from to any via xl1
ipfw add divert natd all from any to any via xl1
ipfw add pipe 1 all from to any via xl1
ipfw pipe 1 config bw 100KB/s
ipfw add pass all from any to any

What I want is to able to shape traffic (incoming and outgoing) based on
the internal destination/source.

  Hence I've put pipe 1 before natd so traffic going out will be
matched.  The same rule is repeated after natd so incoming traffic will
be matched.

  However, this plain doesn't work and I'm a little stumped.  Can
anybody point out how to get this sort of stuff working right?


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