uidzero wrote,

> Johhny,
> Try "mount_ext2fs /dev/as2s2 /data2" Just be sure to umount the
 >partition before you reboot or anything because it "could" mess up your
 >file system. Read the comment above the ext2fs module in thwe LINT kernel.

tried that, seems to be no different than mount -t ext2fs. and as to the
second suggestion i'm not sure what u mean by LINT kernel, so i dunno where
you mean for me to look. i'm still at a loss with this one, any more
comments/suggestions are welcome. i was looking into e2fsprogs... but while
compiling the updated gcc (gcc-3.3.4) i get a seg fault... seems there are
other deep routed issues. i had read on the mailing list about marking the
CLEAR flag for the partition, and that fsck for ext2fs would be required for
that. it would seem if i could get that installed it'd be one step closer to
being able to mount these partitions. thnx again.

_ Johnny

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