Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Aeefyu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I have reinstall manually portupgrade and ruby* (using make install
clean), rebuild INDEX with "portsdb -Uu" and "pkgdb -fu" or "pkgdb
-F". Even went to the extent of blowing my /usr/ports and cvsup all
over again. However, :
1. my /usr/ports/INDEX has the following as its first few lines:
*** Error code 1|||||||
Stop in /usr/ports/databases.|||||||
Stop in /usr/ports.||||||

2. portsdb -Uu reports hundred of make_index error.

So, as it is - i cant install new stuff via portupgrade "portinstall
-Rv <package>". I seem to be able to maintain it though
i.e. "portupgrade -Rv <package>". Anyone can shed light on this matter?

I think it might be  related to my very very outdated
/var/db/pkg/*/CONTENT .. but its just a guess . I cant blow it and
start all over again, right? Too risky, this is a production machine.

Right; don't do that.

You're having trouble with building the INDEX file in the first place.
Wait a while, re-cvsup, and re-run the "portsdb -Uu".

Have been cvsup-ing for couple of days with the same results. /usr/ports/INDEX is updated correctly, but will have errors once I run portsdb -Uu. As of yesterday, I am skipping the "portsdb -Uu" step after cvsup-ing ports-all. This is NOT a correct behaviour for using portugrade, right? But I would imagine this would be a better alternative that having a /usr/ports/INDEX that has errors in it. (/usr/ports/INDEX.db would correspondingly have errors too?)


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