> Hello FreeBSD gurus!
> I have a question for you.
> I have two computers, both of them running FreeBSD 2.5.1-RELEASE.
> Let us call them A and B.
> Computer A receives ssh connections from computers running
> Linux, Solaris and even Windows; it also receives connections
> from FreeBSD 4.x and 5.1  but it does not receive
> ssh connections from B.
> A ask for password and then it takes a long time to say
> "Operation timmed out"
> "Connection to A closed".
> Enabling "sshd" in rc.d or using it from inetd makes no difference.
> Strange, isn't it?
> Hope you can help me.
> Thanks in advance:
> PD.  Here you will find what "ssh -v A" dislays:
> B:/home/mrspock> ssh -v A
> OpenSSH_3.6.1p1 FreeBSD-20030924, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL
> 0x0090703f
> debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config
> ...

try running
A:/windows> sshd -ddd
on computer A to see if anything happens.
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