On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 06:57:20PM -0500, chris wrote:
> Hello, I am having the following problem. About a week or so ago this
> started. My box running 4.9-STABLE keeps panicing and rebooting, below
> is an output of dmesg -a. Also i have tried to replace the memory and
> the hard drive is only 5 months old or so. I have also cvsup'ed and ran  
> make/
> buildworld and rebuilt my kernel. It doesnt appear to be overheating  
> either.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

This sort of panicing that starts at an arbitrary time and not
associated with some system change (new hardware, OS update) is almost
always due to a hardware fault.  You've eliminated two of the most
probable causes: bad memory and overheating, but unfortunately
computers are complicated beasties and there's a lot more that can go
wrong than that.  It could be as simple as your power supply fading
and not providing the required +5V and +12V within spec.  Or it could
be that one or more of the chips on your motherboard, or indeed, your
CPU has developed a fault and is trashing data that passes through it.

The page fault error you're seeing is due to the kernel trying to
access a memory page which was never previously allocated.  You can
get so idea about what is triggering the problem by setting your
system up to save a core image and looking at what the kernel was
doing immediately it paniced.  Instructions for doing that are here:


Now, grovelling in the bowels of the kernel is quite a daunting task
for the uninitiated, but gathering this sort of information is
precisely what will be most helpful to a FreeBSD developer who does
know their way around the kernel.  
> (if anyone recieved this twice i apologize, i sent it earlier but it  
> didnt appear to go through for some reason)

Yes -- occasionally the freebsd.org mailer takes an hour or two or
three to get a message out to the list, rather than the usual minute
or so.  Sometimes even longer.  As a rule of thumb, wait for at least
4 hours and preferably a day before re-sending.



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