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> Luke,
> I know that would be coincidental, but you know what your running CPU temp
> is (check your BIOS)? OS freeze-ups sometimes occur due to inadequate
> cooling of the CPU. Also maybe your computer is close to a heat source?
> Are you using the same computer case?
> What is your power supply rated at? Do you have a Radeon video card with
> its own power connector?
> Denis
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> I have a server which recently died on me. I believed that the problem
> was likely the memory as the machine would reboot of its own accord
> initially when accessing via samba or NFS. ...I installed a new ASUS P4800
> motherboard with a celeron 2.20ghz chip and brandnew 512mb memory.
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Thanks for that input, I took a look at the cpu temp info in the bios
and it seems stable at around 35deg C or 93deg F. A quick check of the
data sheet on intels website seems to indicate that this processor can
function up to a maximum of 70deg C so I am left wondering if this CPU
throws out double the heat under load. I am using the same case as the
previous machine. The ac unit is not old and should be good to go for a
bit longer. The machine itself sits near another machine that is on
permanently but apart from other computers no heat source is nearby. 

Would a faulty disk not leave any messages in the logs and simply lock
up on occaision ? I get no read/write errors just a machine lockup. 

Again, any thoughts are appreciated. 


Luke Kearney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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