> sendbackup[20339]: index tee cannot write [Broken pipe]
> any experience ???

This might be more appropriate to [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailinglist.

Anyway, I think there are many possible reasons for this error, but 
since you didn't give any more information and asked for *any* 
experience I think my experience qualifies.

A month or so ago I started getting these errors on one client, but 
backups seemed to work fine. I investigated and found out that one 
partition on this client had accumulated so much data that it didn't 
fit to the holding disk. So sendbackup started dumping it to the 
holding disk, and before it got done the holding disk became full, 
causing the "index tee cannot write" error message on the client. 
Sendbackup noticed this and started over with this partition, this time 
dumping directly to tape. The end result is that backup takes somewhat 
longer (because this big partition is dumped "almost" twice) but 
eventually everything is OK.

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