Aeefyu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Have been cvsup-ing for couple of days with the same
> results. /usr/ports/INDEX is updated correctly, but will have errors
> once I run portsdb -Uu. As of yesterday, I am skipping the "portsdb
> -Uu" step after cvsup-ing ports-all. This is NOT a correct behaviour
> for using portugrade, right? 

It's not necessarily that bad.  As the portsdb(1) manual says:

                    Note: the ports database file is automatically updated if
                    it is not up-to-date when looked up, so manual updating is
                    not mandatory.

>                              But I would imagine this would be a
> better alternative that having a /usr/ports/INDEX that has errors in
> it. (/usr/ports/INDEX.db would correspondingly have errors too?)

No, the errors wouldn't necessarily correspond; they're built by
fairly different methods.  I don't recall any operations that require
you to have both; the standard ports tools only use INDEX, and the
portupgrade-related tools only use INDEX.db.  [as far as I remember...]

When I'm having trouble building an INDEX, I run "make describe" and
see where it fails; that usually gives me the information I need to
fix it.

Good luck.
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