On Mar 25, 2004, at 8:57 AM, __Clint__ wrote:

I once submitted my address is [EMAIL PROTECTED] to SOME
webform on www.freebsd.org.   Never used or heard of the address again
until that spam was directed to it.  Never been on the list.

Everything after "+" but before "@" in my email is ignored.

Whenever I submit my mail, and I don't want to use a hotmail address, I
usually add the domainname there.  Like [EMAIL PROTECTED]
So that when I get spammed later, I know just who gave it to them.

Okay...I'm still missing a couple of parts of the picture...(clever tracking system, though)

You don't recall what the form was you submitted it to?

In order to get into the freebsd-questions list, there is a submission request...as I recall it verifies you want to be signed up to it. How did you get on the FreeBSD list to say this had happened if you never signed up to it?

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