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__Clint__ <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> probably wrote:

> > > The "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" email was a one-time disposable
> > > email address that I only ever gave to FreeBSD.org.
> >
> > Well, you started out with the right strategy, but you abandoned it too
> > soon.  You've now blown what looks like your real email address.  Never
> > reveal your true email address, for it can be used against you.
> How have I blown it?  I sent a note to [EMAIL PROTECTED] when I got
> spammed.  The automatic bounceback said to send it to
> [EMAIL PROTECTED]  If [EMAIL PROTECTED] is actually a mail list,
> I was never told.


$ whois freebsd.com


Internet Business Solutions Ltd. (DKWSKOEOWD)
   Hardstrasse 235
   Zurich, ZH 8005

   Domain Name: FREEBSD.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Internet Business Solutions Ltd.  (35897980O) [EMAIL PROTECTED]
      Hardstrasse 235
      Zurich, ZH 8005
      +41 1 277 75 75 fax: +41 1 277 75 77

   Record expires on 21-Mar-2008.
   Record created on 02-Sep-2003.
   Database last updated on 25-Mar-2004 12:04:47 EST.

   Domain servers in listed order:


Comments, anyone?

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        Empty what's full.
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