On 25 Mar 2004, at 21:37, __Clint__ wrote:

The "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" email was a one-time disposable
email address that I only ever gave to FreeBSD.org.

Well, you started out with the right strategy, but you abandoned it too
soon. You've now blown what looks like your real email address. Never
reveal your true email address, for it can be used against you.

How have I blown it? I sent a note to [EMAIL PROTECTED] when I got
spammed. The automatic bounceback said to send it to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] If [EMAIL PROTECTED] is actually a mail list,
I was never told.

So yes -- maybe it's been blown (even further) now.

But that is due to your poor bounceback message.

1) I get spam
2) I complain to abuse
3) it bounces with a message to use another address
4) I guess, from what you've said, that address is a mail list

so in exchange for complaining about you selling my
[EMAIL PROTECTED] email address to spammers, you have now
redirected me into unknowningly posting to a mail list, thereby causing
more spam.

Maybe when I get spam I should just sit here helpless and do nothing.

But that didn't work well for the jews in WWII.
Complacency is not an attitude I like to adopt.


Try to put things in perspective. You're saying you've received email you don't want - don't compare yourself to victims of the Holocaust. That drops your credibility to a lot less than 0. Secondly, you rant about creating an email address that is specific to this group, and expect us to derive from that, that you are an uber SPAM aware blocker. Then you plead newbie ignorance when you posted to an email address that you could have checked out with a trivial Google search. Here's a hint: http://www.google.com/search?q=freebsd- questions%40freebsd.org&sourceid=mozilla-search&start=0&start=0&ie=utf -8&oe=utf-8 - look at the search terms. Trivial. You're not a victim of SPAM, you're an attention seeker. Go and look for help with that issue on another list.


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