JJB wrote:

I do not use this favicon.ico file in my web site, But an small
number of the visitors for some reason try to get this file which is
not there. This is reported as file error in the analog apache log
reports. Can someone explain why some visitor browsers try to get
this file, and what I can do to fix this?


Possible that the "small number" are those using MSIE5. IIRC, the browser looked for "favicon.ico" by default (e.g. whether or not the site in question had linked said file....)

Here's a classic, entitled "the Dastardly Favicon.ico not found error":


I can't say her workaround is necessarily what I'd do.  That said,
I think my main site has favicon support now.

I believe this "feature" was changed after MSIE 5.0 due to
things like this:


entitled "another privacy hole in IE 5?"

I guess you could detect their browser version and give
'em a JS popup that says "Please upgrade your browser!"


Kevin Kinsey
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