>    Or, if you prefer a smaller URL: http://tinyurl.com/24lel

I'll be damned.
THANK YOU for getting to the bottom of this.

As of opening this URL, I official retract all my previous statements that
I'd never heard of the list.  That WAS me.  Sorry.

I had no clue when I posted that bug report that I'd be hurting myself
more than helping others.  It's a shame what the spammers have done to the
intrnet.  Hopefully tar was at least fixed.

> 5. There's no evidence that anyone deliberately sold your address to
>    spammers. Certainly, it's highly unlikely that anyone officially
>    connected with FreeBSD would ever do something like that.

At this point, I believe you, and apologize to the whole list for thinking
freebsd sold my address.

(But not for posting to the list, since I didn't know that's what I was

> Please direct your ire in a more appropriate direction.

Okay.... How bout them republicans?  <kidding>

> 4. You chose to use an address variant that's tied closely to your regular
>    address. Thus, when the variant address was compromised, you can't
>    disable it without also disabling your regular email address.

I can. I just make a procmail filter for that variant to go directly to my
spam folder.

I'm still glad I at least know why this happened. Thanks.

P.S. I'd say it's still freebsd's fault for having a bug in tar...
Just kidding!
Just kidding!
Just kidding!

Over. And out.

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