This is probably as good a place as any to post this question.

My cable company has agreed to issue me a dedicated IP address in exchange
for my sending them an additional fee each month.

I presently have two web sites that are being hosted by two different web
hosts. I would like to host both of them myself. I know that Apache can
easily handle that problem even though they would be sharing an IP

My problem is that I have no working knowledge of Apache. I was wondering
if someone could recommend a good book or two that could walk me through
the steps of setting the program up and getting it running. It has to be
the sort of book that does not assume I have a college degree in Computer

My only other choice would be to pay someone to set the system up for me,
but I would much rather learn how to do it myself. I would appreciate any
assistance that someone might be able to afford me.

I am presently running FreeBSD 5.2.1 if that makes any difference.

Gerard Seibert

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