Robert Storey wrote:

I know this has got to be a basic question, but strangely enough I haven't been
able to find the answer anywhere...

Suppose I'm at home with a dial-up connection to the Internet. At the school
where I work we have a server running FreeBSD with a full-time connection (T1
line). So from home, I log onto the school's server with ssh, and start a
process that will run for a long time, maybe something like this:


OK, that download might run for hours. I don't want to stay connected for hours,
I want to log off and hang up the modem. The question is, how to do so? With the
above process running, I can't even get back to the command line to type "exit"
(and wouldn't typing "exit" kill any process I'm running?). Ditto if I hit
ctrl-c. I suppose I could just hang up the modem, but that's not elegant.

OK, I'm not a total ignoramus - I suspect that maybe I could put the job in the
background by either hitting ctrl-z while it's running, or maybe starting it
with the "&" parameter. But if I log out from the server with "exit", will that
kill the running processes? The answer to this eludes me - I haven't found
anything said about this in the various documents I've read about ssh.

So what is the elegant solution?

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I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned, but why not try screen? It's made for precisely this reason.

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