At 14:30 26/03/2004, Ruben de Groot wrote:
>Or link favicon.ico to /dev/urandom to annoy IE users ;-)
>Just kidding.

Well, it isn't just IE that uses the favicon, as mozilla 
displays it also. 

Now, a favicon.ico is a 16pix x 16pix image in a certain 
format.  If you assume 16 bits per pixel, thats 512 bytes.
You could go up to 24 bits and still fit within a single 

So read in 512 bytes from /dev/urandom instead, and spoof 
the .ico image format around it, and output that instead.  Every 
user ends up with a different favicon in their browser 
window and you can claim 'well, it works for me, I don't 
know what /you/re talking about what do you /mean/ it looks 
like garbage?'

Hm.  Sounds like fun.  Once my laptop is back from the shop
(four motherboards and counting...), I might take a swing
at it.


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