Greetings, fellow FreeBSD users!

Everything so far works fine for me, until I drop into single-
user mode to prep for making world.  Even then, it seems OK,
except for this alarming output of "fsck -p":

/dev/da0s1a: NO WRITE ACCESS

I run "fsck /dev/da0s1a", and I'm just told of NO WRITE for the
fs, and the phases shown without error.  But I *can* write
there -- my / partition.

OK, FYI -- This happens on 4.9-RELEASE and 5.2.1-RELEASE-i386
both.  I have an IBM UltraStar Ultra160 SCSI disk, model no.
IC35L018UDW210-0 ... Runs on a Tyan S2462 "Thunder K7" dual
Athlon-MP board, using the GENERIC kernel.

I've run the onboard Adaptec-controller's format and verify
utilities, which I presume run without error, since they just
do their thing without error messages and just say when they're

I install the above via the "miniinst" CDs, cvsup the lastest
sources, and that's it for usage.  But the machine boots and
runs fine otherwise.

Is this something to really worry about?  Is it safe to proceed
with making world?  Should I try forcing fsck to do anything?
Or, should I try running fsck having booted from CD?  Other
ideas or suggestions?

Thanks all for any help offered!  Cheers,



Richard Dawes
Enhanced Performance Systems
+01 619 743-0506

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